Writing Blog post made eady


This NEW WordPress Plugin Will Create Unique blog posts In Just few seconds and works with ANY Niche.


Writing Blog post made eady



1 Click Blog Post Transcribes Youtube Videos on your WP post editor.

1 Click Blog Post is a Plugin created by  Ankur Shukla.  It’s a very impressive and easy to use Plugin and also, The least demanding WP plugin that doesn’t need technical skills  installing it.

Writing a blog post is very  hard for many  bloggers, I must admit this has been my greatest challenge too. gazing at a clear page is the thing that gets the vast majority far from composing content. That’s the reason Many people who try blogging quit because of lack of content.

But imagine a scenario where you didn’t need to begin from scratch?

With 1-Click Blog Post you can copy any link from YouTube and import it to your Blog and it will create your article within minutes.

 It works with any Niche  or any subject and all it requires is a YouTube Link.

This WordPress module takes you from a clear page to a total blog entry in only 3 seconds.

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How to Install and Create Post in 3 seconds

How to Install 1Click blog post

Click on Plugin

Add Plugin

Upload Plugin

Click Install Now

Click Activate Plugin

Creating the Post in 3 seconds

Click on Post

Click onAdd New

Scroll down to the ! Click Post Plugin

Paste your Youtube Link

Click Insert content

Relax and wait while post get created

Edit your content!

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Some of the benefits includes

Blog post Creation super Quick – Only 3 Seconds.

This is achieved by simply pasting  a YouTube video URL followed by pressing a button, your blog entry is prepared in only 3 seconds without a sweat.

Authoritative Content while spending almost nothing 

If you are like me who would rely on hiring a content writer you will save a lot by using this Plugin

Suitable for any Business

With 1-Click Blog Post, it will work with any business, Niche and even Topic.


1 Click blog post






Cloud based version for Non WordPress Users.

If you don’t utilize WordPress in your business, that is totally fine, you can make articles by utilizing the Cloud Version of the 1-Click Blog Post, Making it a product for all.

1 Click Blog post

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